Animated Timeline

Problem: I have an object that advances in timeline, but when the slide returns after a random question answer correct, the object that had already advanced, when I return to the game slide, is again in the beginning of the timeline and does not save the last position.

The game is a Like Mario Kart, the cars advance if the question is correct, and advance a numer of seconds in the timeline, and remain in the posicition, buy when y go to another slide to make another question, and if correct, when return to the slide where the cars is, the position of the car in the timeline, return to the beginning. If a way to retain the position of the time in memory of the car or make a java to make the car go to the position in the timeline?

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It seems like our sample game: Race to the treasure is similar to what you want to make. Please take a look at the tutorial on how to make this eLearning game for more details.
If you have any more questions, please let me know.


tks for the reply, and just another question… is a way to
increase the animated timer time? i have 3 seconds limit and i want to increase 1 second o more seconds,depending of the respond of the questions, add time o reduce for later activate the counter with the seconds

Hi Alexandro,

Unfortunately, it’s not supported that.
We’ll consider about this feature in future releases.