Animated clock on specific slides

I have found that the animated clock a great feature and it works well over multiple slides, however is there a way to limit the multiple slide to select ones? The clock shows all the way to the end and on slides that I don’t want it to.


Did you mean that you only want to show the animated timer on some specific slides?

If yes, please use Show/Hide Object actions to show/hide the timers. In addition, you can use Start/Stop/Pause Timer action to control the timers instead of using Start Automatically option.


I have a tutorial that has a quiz at the end that is timed. 45 minutes. I installed a automated timer to show the student. I have the timer running over multiple slide no problems but it includes all slides in the tutorial. I just want it on the question slides.


You should adjust the start time and duration of the timer to make it displays only on question slides.

Please following steps to do that:

  • Select All Slides mode in the Timeline pane (the first tool in the Timeline pane).
  • Adjust the start time and duration of the animated timer. You can see the example below.


Nam, your a genius, that is exactly what I want. This program is getting better and better, once you know how to do things its better than Storyline.

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:.