Android 4.4 support

What is the latest version of ActivePresenter that supports Android 4.4?

Hi Clareo,

Thanks for your interest in ActivePresenter.

ActivePresenter is a desktop-based software so if you want to try the app, please download and install it on your computer.


Hi, sorry, I guess I asked the wrong question. I meant to ask what version of AP can create HTML5 output that would run on Android 4.4? And what about Android 5?
It mentions here that HTML5 content from AP8 requires android 6+.

Hi Clare,

Can you please let us know details about your use case since it is quite rare?

Here is the Android support information:

  • ActivePresenter 6: Android 4.2.2 or later.
  • ActivePresenter 7: Android 5 or later.
  • ActivePresenter 8: Android 6 or later.

However, please NOTE the following:

  • The information is only applied for available browsers at the time the version released since the browsers change very frequently.
  • The output produced by ActivePresenter 6 may not run properly in the current versions of browsers because of new changes in browsers.
  • We only release the maintenance updates for ActivePresenter 6 for already paid users in some cases because it is very old. We recommended users to use the latest version of ActivePresenter for highest compatibility with current web browsers.


Thanks for your assistance. I am experimenting with using AP to create a widget that I can then insert into a book using the Bloom software (, to be read using the BloomReader app on android phones. This is for a literacy project in West Africa. Smartphones are becoming more and more widespread here, but they often aren’t running the latest versions of Android, so I am trying to figure out the best way to create a usable product. I have found out that the latest version of BloomReader works on Android 5+, so it sounds like I could use AP7 to create something that would also run in Android 5. I will also try and do some research to find out just what versions of Android most people here are using, to make sure that an Android 5-friendly product is really going to be useful. I hope my explanation makes sense!

Thanks for your clarification. If possible, please try with ActivePresenter 7.


Thanks, I’ll try that.