After record a screen as video the program crashes

Problem: After record a screen as video the program crashes

ActivePresenter version: Version 9.1.5 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2024.06.12)

OS: After record a screen as a video, the program crashes and don´t save nothing of the recording

Notes: it´s not acceptable for a building version!


Thank you for your reporting and sorry for any inconvenience that caused.

If you see a crash report dialog appear, please fill in your email address and send the report so we can check it.
If not, please send the log of ActivePresenter to or attach it here so we can check.
To view the log: click the ActivePresenter button > Preferences (the Gear icon) > Miscellaneous > View Log.



Based on the log you sent, the app crashes after you record your screen and open the recorded project to edit.

If the issue persists, kindly fill in your email address to the crash report dialog and send the report.

At this time, please try doing the suggestions below to see if it works:

  1. Update your computer graphics driver
  2. Access the Preferences dialog
    (click the Preferences button (the Gear icon) at the left-bottom of the Start Page > Miscellaneous tab) and try the following settings in turns:
  • Select the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering option.
  • Select the Always use software recorders for decoding video option.
  1. Find the recorded video in the cached folder
    Kindly note that “.ActivePresenterCachedProjects” is a hidden folder so you might need to turn on the “Show Hidden Files” option to see it.
    If you find your video here, copy it to another folder and open it with ActivePresenter for editing.