After "pause" buttons doesn't work


In the preview (in html5 view), when timer of the current slider is playing I can easily use buttons, hovering the mouse over the photo is working, etc.
But whenever I hit pause, all interactions are disabled. Can they be available all the time and not only when slide is playing?
When I hit play, everything goes back to normal and working.

And next question. Can I disable the timer of the current slide so there will be no time limit, and to enter next slide you need to click on the navigation menu on the left?

ActivePresenter Pro Edition
8.2.3 - 64-bit build.
OS: Windows 10

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Hi Peter,

When you click the Pause button on the player toolbar, all animations are paused and learners can’t interact with the content of the slide, either.
You can uncheck the Auto Advance option of the slide or use the Pause presentation to wait for user input option to disable the timer of the current slide.

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