AdWords validator asset error

I had tested banner (it seems to me all ok, 10 years experience with banners, Edge Animate, Animate…) in Google AdWords validator and result is error:

Missing asset check

Make sure the filenames of all files in your .ZIP file are exactly the same as the name listed in the reference file.

For example, if one of the files in your .ZIP file is called path/to/example/asset, but in your HTML file you reference path/to/example/asset2, AdWords will not be able to to find the correct file.

To fix the issue, compare the filename listed above with every file in your HTML5 code. If it is not exactly the same, correct the reference.

More details:


Saola Animate wasn’t tailored to support Google Adwords out of the box yet so you’ll need to make some changes manually to your animation before uploading.

This “INVALID_URL_REFERENCE: about:blank” error is because there are some codes in the slplayer.js file reference to “about:blank” by default. You can do a search-replace in slplayer.js to replace all “about:blank” occurrences with empty text “”.


Thanks for answering. I will try.