Adding action to text box to open webpage

Problem: I want a web page to open when user clicks the text. It opens the webpage in a new window as it should; however, the window with the ActivePresenter lesson is also opening in the same window as ActivePresenter overwriting it. How can I keep the lesson on the slide with the web link opening in a new window. I have selected On Click, Open Webpage and set it to open in a new window. Using Chrome as the default browser.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0.0
OS: Windows 7

Notes: It was previously working so not sure why it is not working now.

Hi Linda,

We can’t reproduce the issue in our tests. Can you please share your HTML5 content or project file so that we can check?


Can you explain how I share this please?

You can zip the HTML output folder and upload it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or DropBox and share the link to our


I sent this via google drive. (Hope I did it right as I don’t usually use this.)

Hi Linda,

In your project, you use both hyperlink and Open Webpage action for the text caption in slide 8. Please remove the hyperlink in the text caption to resolve this issue.


Thank you so much. I was able to fix the issue. It works perfect now.