Add "go to the source or help" for JavaScript

After I opened a sample project named "catching-birds.saolapack ".
then I saw the content of function: first_bird of element bird_01.

then I saw many unknown syntax for me, such as:
getElement()? getPositionPow()? shootMove()? loopBird()? setText()?

I want to know what does the getElement() mean,
or to know what does the getPositionPow() do,
so I try to hold Ctrl key and click a function name,
and try to mark a function name then press F1, but nothing happened.

it is so hard to program JavaScript inside Soala-Animate.
“Go to the source” or “Show syntax help”
seems a standard service in modern development environment,
please consider how to improve user experience about your JavaScript Editor.

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Please see my answer in this thread:


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