ActivePresenter very slow on macOS

I have a problem with the macOS-Version. Is that a general problem with macOS or is it my machine??

Perhaps, someone can help me.
Thank you!

Problem: interacting with the user Interface is very slow, e.g. moving/resizing the capturing area reacts ~1s after mouse movement. Same problem when I move something in the timeline or select another frame…
Because of this, editing is very unpleasant!
On an much older Windows machine, this Problem doesn’t exist…

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.5, same problem with 7.5.13 and 6.1.6

OS: macOS 10.15.4

Notes: MacBook Pro 16’’, i9 8*5,0GHz, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M

Hi Alexander,

Did you move the capture area while recording or while setting up the recording? If it happens while recording, please try using the H.264 video codec to see if it happens or not.

Regarding the problem in the editor, can you please let us know the resolution of the video that you are editing (if any)? We have not faced the similar issue in our tests with weaker MACs



it’s always slow! I recorded two examples: (with macOS-integrated capturing)

    we see, when I’m resizing the capturing area it’s delayed. And: the larger the area, the greater the delay!

    when interacting with timeline, there’s also an delay… the recorded screen section is 350x120 px.

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing the video.

The speed of moving playhead in the editor depends on the video resolution and video type. We are working to improve the performance on this operation.
I can also see that selecting capture area on macOS is slower than Windows but not too slow as in your video. We will check this problem again and try to improve it.