ActivePresenter suddenly created a 17GB file from my recording instead of regular 250MB

I regularly record circa 90 minutes long videos. So far, they were always just something over 250MB in size. However, today ActivePresenter crashed because of lack of disc space and when I found the video in the .ActivePresenterCachedProjects folder, it had almost 17GB. I had to use another software to compress the file, which worked fine but now I’m worried it will happen again. I haven’t done any changes to neither AP nor my OS. Everything’s the same as the last time I recorded a video.

I use AP Version 8.2.2 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2020.10.20)
OS Windows 10
Do you have any idea what could cause this?
Thanks in advance


Please use H264 for Video Codec next time when you record the screen. If you use Flash Screen Video for Video Codec, the recorded video size will depend much on the content that you want to record.
You open this dialog by clicking the Settings button (gear icon) at the top-right corner of the Recording dialog.

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