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ActivePresenter - Storing Narration Text

Hello - I am an adjunct and am currently using the free version to record some modules for students. I am narrating it and having difficulty with storing my narration text. When I put it in a text box and hide it, it still shows when I output to video. (As an aside, I know this isn’t expensive for business users, but would LOVE an education version! - OH - I see there is one! YAY!)

Back to my question. This time I created two files - one with the narration text, and then one with it removed to create the final. But, that is a lot of extra work.

How can I create/store the text for narration and keep them in the file so if/when I need to make a change, I can see the original narration text?

Hi Ann,

I think you can use Closed Caption for that. Please take a look at this for details:


Thank you, Mr. Phuong. I don’t want them to show - these definitely will not show if I keep them turned off?

Thank you, again. This should work! I thought of these as the same as Closed Captions on TV and it didn’t occur to me I could turn them off. YAY!

Sadly, this did not work. The closed captions show in the player regardless. If I hide the object, it still shows.

Hi Ann,

Please select the Closed Caption, then go to Properties > Size & Properties > Show In Mode, then deselect all modes.