ActivePresenter Scorm exit bahavior

I try to create a Scorm package with AP and use it in our LMS. The LMS’s behavior is to launch the AP package in a new tab. However, when the package completes, nothing happens. The user has no option to automatically or manually return to the next SCO in the LMS, except for closing the browser tab. However, this will cause the LMS screen to reappear without updating the status based on completing the AP SCO.

Question: is there a way to complete the AP package in such a way that the browser tab is closed and the user is redirected to the LMS page? Perhaps in JavaScript?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.3.2

OS: W10



When SCORM package completed, users cannot interact with the package anymore. However, you can use the below workaround:

  • Add a button into the last slide of the presentation.
  • In Properties -> Interactivity, check the option “Pause presentation to wait for user input”. This will prevent presentation completes.
  • Add On Click event for this button
  • Add two actions for On Click event:
    • End Presentation
    • Execute Javascript, then add the code: window.close();

When users click on that button, the presentation will end and close the browser. Please notice that users must click this button to end presentation, otherwise presentation still running.

About the problem that LMS doesn’t update Scorm package status, I think the problem comes from your LMS. Could you contact your LMS administrator to confirm this issue?


I am having a similar issue (our LMS is produced by the NHS Digital Solutions) when published to the LMS my Exit button did not close the eLearning package and return me to the LMS, I tried the following:

Created an Exit button and added on click End Presentation and Execute JavaScript code: window.close(); This did not work, the IE tab did not close and the LMS did not record completion.

I then did the above and added the JavaScript code to be: SCORM_CallLMSFinish(); this did not close the IE tab, but the LMS recorded the package as completed.

How can I end the eLearning package to close the IE tab and for the LMS to show completion?

Hi Belinda,

Did you set “Pause presentation to wait for user input” for the Exit button?


Thank you for getting back to me. I did

Many thanks

Hi Belinda,

It seems that is strange behavior. Could you please send us the ActivePresenter file so we can take a closer look? (the project with my solution above).

You can send the file to our support email