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ActivePresenter Freezes when trying to export a project containing video file to HTML

Hi there

I am trying to export a project that has a slide containing an mp4 file. I am trying to export the project to HTML and there is no crashing or anything, just hangs on the publishing project progress bar for hours without progressing.

I have checked and there are no updates to my version of AP
I have also selected “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” in the preferences tab.

Not really sure what to try next?
ActivePresenter log.txt (91.1 KB)

Thank you!

Hi there,

After checking the log file you sent, we couldn’t find any related information from it.
Could you please send your project and its external data folder (named PROJECT_FILE_files) (if any) via so we can take a further look?

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh