ActivePresenter crashing midway through exporting video file

I’ve been using ActivePresenter v9 free for several months, and been able to export several past projects to MP4 format without issue.
However, the latest project is the longest video I’ve tried exporting (9-10 mins, my normal lengths are 5-8 mins), and the first to use the Spotlight feature, as well as Transition effects on the Spotlights.
Every attempt to export to MP4 file will result with the project crashing either midway or 3/4 way through.
I’ve tried making alternate copies of the project, and removed the Spotlight effects, and tried to export (to see if this made any difference, but no fix).
I’ve also upgraded to v9.0.4, and tried to export, but no fix.
I’ve also tried different file names and folder paths, but no fix.
My PC has 16GB RAM, and we’ve tried watching the Task Manager’s Memory Performance tab, which peaks to 96-99% during the rendering, before ActivePresenter crashes.
I’ve have a copy of the ActivePresenter.log available, if someone could please help me figure out what the issue is here.
Thank you.

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.3 / 9.0.4

OS: Windows 10 Version 21H2


This is exactly whats happening to me as well. While waiting for a fix for this stuff, my temporary solution for you is to divide the project into 3 or more, export each of them, then combine all of them into one project.

Basically the project gets larger the more layers you add. Projects usually crash when they reach a point where the program can no longer handle so avoid as many layers as possible. also, try copying the audio files at another project and export them. Then remove all the audio from the original (make sure to save them on a different project) then add the exported audio.

Since I use a 16 gb computer as well, I would suggest you to make sure that your project doesn’t exceed 60,000 KB (60 MB) like I do as well


Thank you for letting us know about the issue.

Next time, if you see a crash report dialog appear, please fill in your email address and send the report so that we can check.
Besides, now, you can send:

  • Your last project had the issue with its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files
  • The log file of ActivePresenter

to our support email address so we can investigate it further.

Best regards,

Unfortunately, the program crashes completely, without any Crash Report dialog box appearing.

I can email the Log file of ActivePresenter.
However, the Project file and the External folder are large in size (2.39GB and 2.69GB, respectively).
How can I email these? Is there a way to upload these?

Hi @Cem,

If the files are large, you can compress them as a zip file, upload the file to a cloud storage service like Google Drive and share the link (and the access right) with us.


Hi Thuy,

I’ve now emailed as per your instruction, a copy of the log, and a copy of the Project + Folder.

Please let me know if you can find the cause for this.

Thank you.

Hi @Cem and @ihatemylife188,

You can try updating to the latest version of ActivePresenter (9.0.5) (access the Help tab > click Check Updates) to see if it helps.


Hi Thuy,

I’ve also tried updating to 9.0.5 this afternoon, but the same issue still occuring.

Thanks for all your attempts, @Cem.
We’ve received your email but the file size is quite large.
It takes time to download and investigate. We’ll check and get back to you.

Thank you, Thuy; please let me know how you go.


After checking your project, we find that your video is split into too many objects (nearly 400 objects).
ActivePresenter cannot process too many videos on a slide due to memory limitations.
We suggest that you should join the video (and audio) objects together into one object.
Besides, when editing video, the Cut Range or Delete Range is useful to remove unwanted parts. (Basic Audio and Video Editing: Cut, Copy, Delete, and Crop -)
So, you can consider using these commands properly instead of splitting the video into multiple parts.
The Split Audio/Video Object tool will be helpful to split your audio/video into separate objects and then put them at different timestamps. Or in case you want to apply different entrance/exit effects to them.

Hope that it helps.
Have a good time,

Good advice from ihatemylife188 re breaking up a large file into smaller pieces. When I broke up a 9GB project file into 4 pieces, the exporting process to create MP4 video worked perfectly. However, because of the failed attempts to export, I believe a related issue can also cause your computer to crash when it “runs out of disk space” and eventually crashes during the MP4rendering process. The below PIC shows AP has its own temp file which becomes bloated with failed attempts to create MP4 file. I use AP 9.0 on a Windows 10 computer.