ActivePresenter crashes when exporting to HTML5

I work under MacOSX 10.13.6 environment.
I’m using the demo version of ActivePresenter.
My goal is to drop Adobe Captivate, which slows down as soon as I make complex slides. So I’m testing all the limits of ActivePresenter.

As the title says, ActivePresenter crashes when exporting to HTML5. I understood why. ActivePresenter is unable to embed a font: ITC Bauhaus (TrueType version). If I use a standard font like Tahoma, I have no problem. However, I would like to understand and fix this problem.

  1. Is there a way for embedding this font to be possible?
  2. Is the problem in font format and should I only use operating system fonts?

Thank you for your help and I apologize for my writing in English (I am French).


You should be able to use any TrueType fonts installed on your computer.
If it crashes when exporting with ITC Bauhaus font then that should be a particular issue and we will try to fix it.
Please also let us know if the issue occurs with any other fonts.


Hi Gilloo,

We have made some tests but couldn’t reproduce the issue. Can you please share the project so we can analyze further?


Hi Dangle and Phuongdv,

Thank you for your response and your responsiveness.
As we say in France “the night brings advice” … and I understood the reason for the crash.
The fonts that were activated on my computer were postscript fonts. One of my colleagues had used my computer because she had a layout to make for printing, and she had activated the postscripts fonts instead of TrueTypes.

I just came to test with a TTF and OTF Bauhaus font, and the HTML5 export ran without any worries.

However, I noticed a detail that is important: Whether with OTF or TTF fonts, once the HTML5 export done, when I view the project in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, the font fat of character is thickened. Do you know why ?

Hi Gilloo,

That’s weird. We didn’t see this issue in our tests. Can you please provide a screenshot? You can alos email a small sample project to so we can check.


OK… I’ll send you that.

Here is the copy of the mail I sent you:

Here is a ZIP archive containing a slide of the working file as well as the TrueType font I used. Beside, you have 2 screenshots that show a difference in the fat of the font.

Another point of detail that I allow myself to notify you: If I use an interline style: 0.5 or 0.6 or 0.7 or 0.8 or 0.9 … when I export the project in HTML5, I end up with an interline equal to 1. It is therefore impossible to perform precision typographic work (Adobe Captivate allows it, but I do not want to use it because it is much too heavy and has no responsiveness when I work on complex slides).

Thank you for all the help and information you can bring me.

I post the content of our email here in the case other users may have a similar issue.

We have checked and seen there is no difference on macOS 10.14 but it occurs on macOS 10.13. This is related to the ways browsers and ActivePresenter rasterize font characters. It seems to be not easy to fix this issue so please upgrade to macOS 10.14 if possible.

I am not sure I understand your second question. Can you please tell what is the interline style? ActivePresenter doesn’t allow setting any dimensions in real number (except in responsive project) if I remember correctly.