Activepresenter Crashes During Screen Recording

log.txt (42.0 KB)

I have uploaded the log files for your reference. The issue i am facing is when i am clicking the start screen record button following things are happening:-

  1. sometimes it crashes instantly
  2. sometime it record for a while and crashes on its own
  3. Sometime it record without any issue.

And i have tried with both 9.0.6 and 8.5.8 versions in my MacBook Air M1 having the latest MacOS.
Earlier it never used to happen. Is there any problem with the MacOS latest version or there is some bug in Activepresenter? Please check and inform me as soon as possible as its a bit annoying that i am unable to use the screen recording feature when i actually need it the most.

Thanks for reporting the issue, Arnit.

If you see the crash report dialog appear like below:

Please select Report… then send the report content to us, so we can analyze the issue further.