ActivePresenter Crashed

Ok so I have a 40min recording I was working on and when I finished recording, it immediately crashed. The thing is I went into the “.ActivePresenterCacheProjects” where I found the audio of my video. I played it, it was the exact one.

I believe I found the video too it’s just not a playable one. It’s named “Untitled”, it’s extension is ‘File’ and it’s 2.35GBs. I just tried to open it with the program but Active Presenter can’t even see it. And when I go “Open With” Active Presenter still does not see it. How do I recover the video?

Please help me. This project is really important.


Normally, you will find a recorded video in this folder path:

The video’s extension is mkv..
Then, you can create a blank project in ActivePresenter, import audio and video into the project to edit it.

In case you cannot find the video, it seems that there is no way to recover it.