ActivePresenter Crashed while Recording

ActivePresenter crashed in the middle of a recording and I cannot access the file. It’s not something I can redo. I DO know of the log, and it IS in the log, but when clicked, it takes me to Notepad. Notepad merely has a bunch of code, and I do not know how to use it.
What is an easy way to recover the video? (If someone could walk me through it step-by-step, that would be appreciated).

ActivePresenter Version: The 2016 version.

OS: Aaah…Windows 10.

Notes: Haaaaalp!

You can simply copy all the text in the log file and paste here.
ActivePresenter records the video to temporary file so there’s chance that you can recover that video provided you know the location where the temporary video file resides.

Plus, there’s no such 2016 version. We release many versions in a year and you can always know the exact version number in the About dialog.