ActivePresenter 9.0.1 stops recording every now and then

ActivePresenter 9.0.1 stops recording every now and then

ActivePresenter version:
Version 9.0.1 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.10.06)
Window 10
I’m using the program for about 2 years how and never faced this problem. I’m recording screen as a video for about 3 minutes as an example. When I press CTRL-End after 3 minutes only a minute or 2 is recorded. I got no warning that the recording was ended for some reason.


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Please deselect the Use Direct3D for recording screen checkbox and try recording again (click the Gear icon on the Record Screen as a Video Project dialog > Recording Settings… > Audio & Video tab > Video Settings section).


Also, please share the log of ActivePresenter to help us analyze the issue further.
To view the log, click ActivePresenter button > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.
You can refer to this video to see the detailed steps: How to Find and Send ActivePresenter's Log File - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube

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Hello Thuy,
Thanks for the reply. I changed the setting as you mentioned.
I will record a video with the new setting and let you know if this solved the problem.
Unfortunately I cannot upload the log file yet since I’m a new user.

Have a nice day.

Hi Albert,

Yes, please try recording again.
Besides, you can send the log of ActivePresenter to our email address