ActivePresenter 8 flickering border when started

Problem: I am testing Active Presenter and installed the free version. When I start it the whole border is flickering. When full screen only the top part (with the menu Home / Insert etc. in it) is flickering. This is very annoying and hard to select the choices.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.0 - 64 bit

OS: Windows 10

Notes: Running the application on Citrix VDI.


Maybe the Tabbed Toolbar is accidentally hidden in this case. To show it again, you simply click the double arrow at the top-right corner of the app or double-click any Tab button (Home tab, for example).


If it’s not your case, please send us a screenshot or a video of the issue so we can check.


I tried clicking the double arrow but the flickering persists. Same thing when double clicking Home tab.

How can I record ActivePresenter itself? If I start record (btw the record pop-up also flickers at the top) I cannot record ActivePresenter window?
A screen shot does not reveal flickering I feel… ?


ActivePresenter can’t record itself.
However, you can install another ActivePresenter version to record, for example, version 7 to record version 8.

Regarding the flickering issue, ActivePresenter has not been tested well with the Citrix environment yet, so there may be many other issues when running on it.
We will try to support Citrix in the future updates.


If I try to install version 7 I have no option to select another install location. Meaning that it will overwrite the location of version 8.
How can I install in another location?

Hi Harm,

You can install version 7 in the default location, then move its set up folder to another location. After that, install version 8.


Executed this to find that directly after installation version 8 has no flickering. Will report back tomorrow (after restart of Citrix VDI) what status is.

Yesterday after about a half hour after installation the flickering started again. I had presenter active whole day to find in the evening that the flickering had stopped. When I started presenter again today the flickering was immediately there. I recorded it with version 7.
I tried uploading it but I get message that new users cannot upload attachments.
So how can I get the recording to you?

Hi Harm,

Please send to our support mail:
Also, please send us the log file so we can check? To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon)
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.


Sent recording and log.

Hi Harm,

Thanks for sharing the information.
It seems Citrix’s optimizations conflict with ActivePresenter’s custom frame rendering.
Unfortunately, since ActivePresenter doesn’t support the Citrix environment officially so I am afraid this problem can not be addressed soon.


Typical Citrix (we have all kinds of small problems with video (e.g. Teams) for those of us that use Citrix VDI).
Do you need to know what version I am using? It’s I know it is not the most recent version but when I installed that I had more problems (Teams would not work) so I reverted to that version.

BTW I am willing to test if you have a fix.