ActivePresenter 7 - Reorder, Resort, Reorganize Captions


I’m evaluating ActivePresenter for purchase. I must close caption all of my training materials and I’m impressed with the closed captioning and text to speech abilities.

One suggestion: If the Closed Captioning Properties window included the Audio speaker, that’s far more intuitive (at least to me) than the Captioning being under the “Size & Properties” icon. Not only that - there are no size/properties features if I’d like to change my captioning size/properties/location.

But my real struggle - I cannot seem to find a way to resort or reorganize my captions. So, I add a caption, then click the caption button again to add a second caption - and it adds it BEFORE the first one, which really slows me down. I think I can scrub the playhead to the end and add the next caption, but that’s quite an extra bit of mouse work when I need to add 50 sentences of closed captioning to one slide.

Is there:

  1. A way to insert my closed captioning so I don’t need to scrub to add each additional caption?

  2. Is there a way to move my captions so I can put them in the proper order?



Hi Russell,

We will consider to add an option to set location of caption (top, left, right, or bottom of slide) in future releases.

  1. Unfortunately, the current implementation will add new caption at the position of play head and shift other overlapped captions to the right. However, to save time, you can insert multiple empty captions, then type their texts and adjust their timing values.

  2. This is not available in the current version of ActivePresenter, we will try to support it in the future.


I understand the challenge…

But can you please, please, please make it so I can simply click and drag and reorder the captions on my timeline, just like I can the text objects, images, audio, video, and probably everything else on the timeline? :slight_smile:



For those who might be interested - I have discovered that you can CUT and PASTE your captions to resort them.

Not nearly as nice as drag and drop, but it has saved me considerable time.

A quick hotkey (maybe “END” or “Page Down”) to move the scrub-head to the last caption would be awesome, so I could more quickly add my captions in order, would be awesome!


An even better idea would allow me to open a “Closed Caption” window, paste my entire script, default to snipping my closed captions after each period, and create all of the captions on my timeline, in order. :slight_smile:

Reordering would be less important then. (Ability to copy/paste to export my script from this window would also be valuable.)



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Being able to position the subtitles would be great.