ActivePresenter 7 Missing Format Tab/Properties sections

I upgraded to ActivePresenter 7 the other day. I was trying to work with Closed Captions and realized the Properties Window is missing some key features, including the Text and Base Style sections. The Format tab also does not show up when selecting the Closed Captions, as well.

Other objects appear to be working correctly.

I reset the window layout, restarted the computer, uninstalled and reinstalled ActivePresenter as well.

Running Windows 10 Education.

If there’s any extra information you need, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Dennym,

From version 7, ActivePresenter uses Themes and Templates instead of Base Style, so you don’t see the Base Style section. Text section is also removed, you can change the text style by using text formatting tools on the Home tab.
We think that users rarely change the Closed Caption format, so Template doesn’t support Closed Caption yet, and the Format tab is removed. We’ll consider adding it in future releases.


Thank you for your response. I had been looking to change the Base Style as the default size of the font for the Closed Captions was quite small, and I was having difficulty figuring out how to change it as I had become accustomed to using a Base Style I created in the previous version. I did not realize that I was able to do so from the Home tab.

Thanks again for your assistance. I want to take a moment to state that our workplace started using ActivePresenter recently, and find that it is a great program for our needs. We look forward to continuing to work with it as it improves over time.

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Hi there,

I’m evaluating ActivePresenter for purchase. I must caption all my training materials.

I find that in some cases it would be beneficial (maybe particularly on wide screen displays) to display my video window - and then have captioning to the left or right side of the video, allowing me to maximize the size of my video without overlapping it (captioning over the top of the taskbar on my Windows recordings).

Hopefully a new release includes this feature.



Something like shown here… instead of the closed captioning at the bottom, where it covers the Start button, task bar, etc., I could relocate it to the side of my video where the blue oval is drawn.

Just an idea.



We will added this feature in our TODO list.


Wonderful. Thank you!