ActivePresenter 6.1.1 stopped exporting to Video. Corrupt file:

Problem:Notes:ActivePresenter has stopped exporting to video on all projects. Have done as much as I know to do, Must get this video out today. Can you help?

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.1

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB

Please, can you provide USEFUL INFORMATION so that we can help?
Nobody would ever know what “Stopped exporting to video” really is.


Will be happy to share–is there a log I can retrieve and upload? I meant that when I select a finished project, select “Export”==>“Video”, the entire action panel is grayed out and I cannot choose any option. In addition, when I have attempted to pull a .ppt slide deck into an existing project, I can go through the whole process and select “Slides From”, select ppt slides, “select All”, and “process objects in slides” and ok–nothing happens. This is true for any ppt slide deck. I was able to do this last Friday…but no longer.

You can find the log of ActivePresenter by going to ACTIVEPRESENTER -> Preferences… -> Miscellaneous -> View Log button.

If you’re in a hurry, you can contact support via email.

Hello and thanks–have the log–but it stops at 7/9/2017. How much of this will you want?

What? You don’t see any log since that date?
Please send us an email for faster support.

Please provide your email and I will. Your email says “no reply”. FYI, I have just been able to update to 6.1.3.

Yes, donot reply to the automatic emails from this community.
Our support email has always been

Does it run properly after upgrading?


Rather: 9/21/2017. My error.

I’m still waiting for your email.