ActivePresenter 6.0.0 and Moodle 3.10

Problem: When creating a new Project, then Exporting it as an HTML5 Simulation, using SCORM 2004 as an eLearning Option, when playing it in Moodle, I get just text as shown below:

FileName: APIWrapper.js

** Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) grants you (“Licensee”) a non-
** exclusive, royalty free, license to use, modify and redistribute this
** software in source and binary code form, provided that i) this copyright
** notice and license appear on all copies of the software; and ii) Licensee does
** not utilize the software in a manner which is disparaging to CTC.
** This software is provided “AS IS,” without a warranty of any kind. ALL

Is this something I do wrong in ActivePresenter or is this a Moodle setting?

ActivePresenter version: 6.0.0

OS: Window 10


Hi Leon,

After exporting project to HTML5 and when uploading to Moodle, you should upload zip files in the SCORM_PACKAGE folder.
Besides, you can consider upgrading to version 8 for better enhancements.