Active Presenter _ Problem with insertion of Web object in version 7 of AP

–I forward a question written by Liane Sousa De Araujo:

I am wondering why with version 6 of Active Presenter, I could insert web objects without problems. I am trying to insert parts of our Intranet site Revenu Québec with the version 7.5.8 and I have an error message.
See the screenshots below, I tested with different browsers
See example With Edge
I’ve also tried IE.

The functionalty works very well with other Internet sites : Is it a firewall problem?, how can I fix it? Thanks for your help.

Edege_Screenshot !


The screenshot is too blurry that the error message cannot be read.
Can you please upload a better one?


Here is the new capture.
I translate the message:
That content can not be displayed in a frame.
To insure the security of the informations that you type in this website, the editor of that content do not allowed it to be displayed in a frame.
Try tis:
Open a new window.

Hi Yvon,

It seems the website that you are referring to in the Web Object is set to prevent embedding in other page like your presentation. Can you please try using other address to see if the problem occurs or not? For example, using


Someone here is going to make some tests and, if possible, some changes.
I’ll keep you informed.
Thank you.