Active Presenter Examples

Problem: I just checked the example project ‘Hidden objects game’ on your website. I played it in Firefox and Chrome, but it performs really poorly. Not a project that will convince new customers to buy your product…

ActivePresenter Version: Required.

OS: Required. Windows 10 (1909) Firefox and Chrome

Notes: Check out how poorly your example game works.


Can you help us a little more by describing the issues with that game?
We weren’t aware of any significant issues, to be honest.

When I play the game online, I can’t pick up the comb (or any other item) and place it in the box. The box doesn’t accept it. Also the item that I pick up isn’t staying with my mouse, but some 5cm away from it.

See screenshot with red shoes and cursor for from it.

Oops, you just need to click on the objects, not dragging them.
Maybe we should add a short instruction somewhere.

Thank you for your feedback.

Another annoying thing about the drag and drop behavior is the fact that when you ‘click and drag’ somewhere on the background, a miniature version of the background gets connected with the cursor.
See image below.

OK, it would help to tell the user to find the items and then click on them.

The problem stays the same; as soon as I drag the key, the key sticks to my cursor! Or when I click somewhere on the background, the background sticks to my cursor.

Hi Koen,

Thank you for letting us know.
It’s the default drag behavior of browsers. We’ll consider if we should prevent this behavior.
However, this is not a drag-drop games. You need to click on objects instead of dragging them.
We’ll update this game with an instruction soon.


Hi Koen,

We’ve updated the game with a clear instruction at the start page.
The default drag behavior of browsers are also prevented in this game.
You need to clear your browser cache to load the updated game.


Dear Toan,

Wow, very impressive! Now my next question is of course; Can we produce ‘Drag-and-Drop’ games from Active Presenter 8 where we also disable the default drag behavior of browsers?

Kind regards,

Yes, you can still produce drag-and-drop games when the default drag behavior of browsers is disabled because ActivePresenter implements drag & drop on its own.


Thanks Toan,

I would very much like to know how to turn off the default drag behavior in my drag-and-drop game. Is there a setting in ActivePresenter?
Here’s an example spelling game. Default drag behaviour is visible when dragging the rhino.
How do I turn it off?

Hi Koen,

You can add a Execute JavaScript action with the following script to the slide On Load event:

$('img').on('dragstart', false);


Great, thank you very much for that help!

Would it be a good idea to turn that behavior off be default in a next update of ActivePresenter8?

As you can see, that behavior is already turned off for any drag sources in the current version.
We’ll consider doing it for any image object.


Hi Koen,

This behavior has been turned off in version 8.0.7 released several days ago.