Active Presenter - Comments pane

Problem: Comments pane

ActivePresenter version: 8.0.7

OS: 10

Notes: Is there a comments pane like powerpoint for each slide that I can use?


In ActivePresenter, you can add a comment for each slide by filling in the Description box.
Please see the attached image for more information.

Besides, if you want to take note any other information, you can try using Closed Captions.
Please refer to this tutorial to get full information:

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Thanks. I only want the comments to be seen by a reviewer not by the person using the simulation. It’s a way of review back and forth. Is that the correct place to do it?


I got your point.
Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this feature yet.

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If I use the General tab and add comments in the Description field, how is that seen? Does it appear automatically somewhere in the slide presentation? or does it stay in that area? If it stays in the right hand side area and doesn’t show on the slide itself, I can use it to make comments/questions for my reviewer. Please confirm if this is possible.


The Description field just display when you are in ActivePresenter workspace and it doesn’t be shown when you export your project to HTML5.
Therefore, you can add comments or questions as you want.

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