Action on element properties

I am a newbie, so this could be a stupid question, but I cannot seem to find how to do actions on element properties, for example, clicking on a shape and having it change colour?

Hi Peter,

If it’s not a built in action (which it isn’t at the moment), then you’ll need to use a different method which will depend on what you are trying to build. Some examples:

  • You can make property changes as part of an animation on the main (or child) timelines and trigger these to play.

  • You can trigger a JavaScript action and use one of the built in script actions to change a property or even apply a more advanced CSS change.

  • You can create symbols that use the methods above but are reusable and independent of the scene.

  • You could simply create a copy of the element and stack them - hiding the top one on the click event.


Hi Mackavi,

Thanks for the informative response. I will investigate and use one of these ‘work arounds’!

Actually I am really quite surprised that the fundamental properties of objects cannot be actioned in a direct fashion…

Hi Peter,

I usually use an additional timeline to do this. In fact, it’s the way to go, not a workaround.
There are too many properties so we can’t add an action for each property. If we provide an action to change multiple properties at once, the UI may not be intuitive as changing from Properties pane.