Action: Go to other slide at desired timeline

Problem: I’m wondering how to set an action which drives user to specific timeline (instead of just slide-n). For example, when user correctly answer question #1, he will see a scene of character moves from first point to the next point to reveal question #2, correctly answer it and see the char moves to next point and so on.

ActivePresent version: 7

OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit



You wouldn’t need to jump to a specific timeline to get what you want.
Actually, you can arrange each question into one slide and create your animation right after the question. Just make sure that the question “Show to the End of Slide” property is unchecked, drag to extend the slide duration so that you have some additional time after the question but before the end of slide, that is where your animation happens.
You should also configure the action for On Correct to Continue Presentation instead of Go Forward 1 slide.

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