Abort message when trying to convert captions to Audio

Problem: Abort when converting closed captions to Azure voice

ActivePresenter version: Latest

OS: Windows

Notes: I have ensured there are no special characters in the captions. Can you please work out why the system keeps aborting?
STIP voiceover.approj (808 KB)

Log file notes attached
ActivePresenter log file.txt (406.6 KB)


Could you please check the Azure TTS authentication settings again? In the latest version, we use region settings instead of endpoint url. So, please re-enter the region of your Azure subscription and try converting CC again.


Hi there,

Yes that is all okay. Also, other projects work perfectly fine. It is just this one. Thanks

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Hi there, were you able to find out why this particular problem is occurring? I still can’t rectify it. Thank you.


Sorry for replying late.

I see there are some CCs in your project only contains β€œ.” characters. Could please you remove these CCs and try exporting again?


To find those CCs quickly, you should export CC to file, then look up in the text file. By seeing the timestamp, you can easy find it in your project.