A new slide is created every few seconds

Problem: A new slide is created every few seconds.

After recording a software demonstration, the system creates at least 10 single slides for 20 seconds total length. However, only one slide should be created. How can I set this? Can you help me here? Thanks a lot! Best regards, Anke

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.2.0 - 64-bit build.

OS: Windows 10 Home



Please select Record Video instead of Record Software Simulation to see if it helps.


Hi Tuyenluu,
thanks for the tip! With video it works fine. Very strangeā€¦
Thank you very much!

Hi Anke,

Thanks for getting back to us!

It is not strange because the Record Software Simulation feature is designed to work in that way.

Kindly be noted that ActivePresenter offers two recording modes: Record Video and Record Software Simulation.
If you select Record Video, after recording, you will get a video.
Otherwise, with the Record Software Simulation feature, it allows you to capture all actions on the screen and then convert them into a slide-based project including:

  • Image slides (mouse click, key stroke);
  • Video slides (mouse scroll, drag-n-drop).