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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Shape fill opacity (Closed - Already implemented) (3)
Supporting Physics (2)
AUTOBACKUP to another file (6)
Preview to more than default browser (2)
Export to SVG animation (4)
Crop imported images (2)
Some day-to-day useability ideas (2)
Scene separate export (3)
UI Variable Management and Actions (2)
Predefined images (2)
To see an audio waveform for sounds (2)
Convert HTML5 Animation to Video (7)
SVG shape editing feature for animation (5)
Text animations? (7)
Please add clipping tool (2)
Convert Games To Android Apps! (3)
Support Responsive Design ( 2 ) (23)
Chances of Master Pages (3)
Use Google WebFonts in your Animations (3)
Collision Detection (2)
Why not add the Chromakey function in the future? (1)