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About the Feature Requests category (2)
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TextInput PlaiceHolder (+ style) (5)
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Creating New Object Animations (2)
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Video Export templates (2)
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Move and resize an object (2)
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SVG Import support (3)
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Import from Microsoft excel (2)
Customize right click menu and Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) for all format actions (align,....) (2)
Updated version shows a vertical bar that I can't remove (5)
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Idea: support tab in menu / issues: placing objects (6)
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Time marker label and Youtube timesheet (2)
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Event - change plan position of items (z-index) (3)
Previewing sound level on videos better (3)
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Live Video Streaming (2)
Start recording hotkey (3)
Automatically creating ZIP files by exporting to HTML5 format (2)
Faster Exporting using more CPU cores / CPU Time (2)